Jimmie Miller

Hip-hop, Breaking, Popping

Early Life
Jimmie Miller was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri living in the inner city until the age of eight and then moved out to North county where his love for dance began. He started his dance career in the church as a praise dancer at the age 10. Forced to dance by his mother, Jimmie bounced around from genre to genre until he stumbled upon hip-hop and fell in love. He developed his style and skills from countless hours of Michael Jackson videos and various other hip-hop artists of the late 90’s and early 2000’s in his basement.

In later days, Jimmie began to attend several auditions gaining local recognition for dance. His resume includes several commercials, Joyce Meyers Love Life Conference 2015, a few music videos from local hip-hop artists, and various other small projects. At the age of 17, Jimmie began his dance career as a choreographer working for Hip-Hop Foundation Fanatics, owned by Nicholas Gates a.k.a Nick Fury of So You Think You Can Dance season 1. Since then he has worked at several other studios in the St. Louis and Cape Girardeau area including Gift of Dance, Pinx Dance Academy, and Dance Extensions.

J. Miller is a Southeast Missouri State University Alum, with a degree in Industrial Technology: Computer Multi-media Graphics. He also received a bit of classical training in ballet, jazz, and tap dance, from SEMO gaining a more well rounded understanding of the dance arts. Jimmie now works as a full time j.r. Web developer/Digital Production assistant at Red Letter Communications.

Jimmie recently became a father on Mother’s day 2k15, as he and his wife, Ashley Miller, celebrated the arrival of their first child and baby girl by the name of Anayah Miller to their home.